Turn Key Projects

Extraction of Wattle Bark

Extraction of Wattle Bark: A Turnkey Project was undertaken to manufacture Vegetable Tannin Powder from Mimosa Tree Bark. The Project was done for M/s. Kenya Vegext (EPZ) Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya. The baisc process and major paramters were given by the consultants of M/s. Kenya Vegext (EPZ) Ltd. The detail engineering work was done by us. Plant flowsheets were prepared, equipment specifications, fabrication, drawings were made by us. The plant was fabricated, tested, exported, installed in Kenya and successfully commissioned in 15 months time (3 months ahead of stipulated completion time).The plant consisted of major equipments such as:-

  • Wood/Bark cutter with pnuematic conveyor.
  • Water Extraction coloumns/reactors having five contacts at 150 eg.C, 4 Kg/cm2 - Two sets were provided. All in SS316. Triple Effect Evaporatopr. All in SS316.
  • Triple Effect Evaporatopr. All in SS316.
  • Spray Dryer with single point outlet of product. The product is very hygroscopic and hence tricley to handle. All in SS316.
  • All supporting equipments such as storage tanks, fuel storage, cooling towers,water recycling, structural steel plant sheds, etc.
  • Total piping, including instrumentation and electrical controls, M.C.C. etc. was exported, erected at site and commissioned.

Fitwell has been awarded Export Excellence Prize by Small Scale Industry Association, Thane.

Process Plant for Kaolin

KAOLIN is a mineral obtained in many areas all over India in Mines. The product initially is in the form of large stones size having uneven shape. It is contaminated with soil and other impurities. This product is washed free of the silica sand and impurities. It is then crushed to small size of about 1" cubical aggregate. Some of the product is ground further and made into a suspension. The crushed product is then washed to make it free of other impurities and then filtered through Filter Press. Further aggregated lumps are finely pulverized and filtered wet cake. Both the products are sold after treatment at high temperature.

During the exposure of product at high temperature ranging from 12000 to 15000 C, the moisture in the product is totally removed, so also the water of crystallization gets removed and finally the bone-dry product is obtained. The Product has wide applications in high grade Ceramics, Rubber and Cement Industry and has high export potential. Thus there are 2 (two) streams of products, in the form of Lumps and Powder. In achieving the final product the following types of equipments shall be used: - * Hot Air Generator to provide hot gases for drying. * Rotary Kiln – In this Kiln the hot gases are passed counter-current to the feed material.

The temperature is increased by burning fuel and allow the hot flue gases to pass over the material. The kiln is rotating cylinder having diameter 2.5 to 3.8 Mtrs. and length 30 to 38mtrs depending on the production capacity of the plant. It is made up of BQ and MS. Plates and lined on inside by means of refractory bricks and SS material. * In addition to the Kiln the following supporting equipments are supplied, such as: - a) Cyclone separators to separate dust, b) Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers to cool the Gases. c) Bag Filters to remove very fine dust generated in the process. d) After the Rotary Kiln there is Cooler in which cold air is passed over the product to cool the material from 14500 C to about 800 C. The cooler is also provided with cyclones and a fan to re-circulate the Hot air into the Rotary Kiln.