Filtration & Press

Pulp Pad Cake Press

Fibrous filter media like cellulose is used in Filter Presses. This media is free from binders and hence must be compressed to form a stable padding. At the same time, high volume of filtering media must also be discharged very quickly.In initial stage, the press is closed while the punch is in lifted position. Very dilute suspension of fibrous material is admitted on centeringchamber in requisite amount. Due to filter wire mesh and quick draining surface below the chamber water starts draining off. After sufficient suspension is poured the top punch is lowered by hydraulic mechanism. By the pressure of the punch more and more water is flushed out. In a short while all water gets drained and pulp forms into a stable pad. Now punch is released and whole pad is swivelled. The guiding ring for pulp pad is removed and the pad can now be ejected from its place for drying and stored for future use.


    1. One pad can be formed in 30 To 60 seconds.
    2. Simple and reliable way of forming pads.
    3. The pads are of uniform density and mechanical strength.


    1. Filter pads for polishing presses.
    2. Squeezing of foods and other materials